Advancing a New Paradigm for Assessing Chemical Safety

The Human Toxicology Project Consortium (HTPC) is a multi-stakeholder coalition dedicated to accelerating the global implementation of a new paradigm in toxicity testing. Grounded in a mechanistic understanding of chemical-biological interactions, this systems-based approach will generate better data more efficiently on the potential risks of chemicals to humans and the environment. With more and better data comes the promise of improved risk-based regulatory decisions and greater public confidence in those decisions.

Advancing and Implementing the Science:

Consortium members and partners are working together to accelerate technical and scientific advances in pathway-based approaches to chemical safety assessment.

Communicating the Vision:

Communicating the purpose and goals of pathway-based approaches to understanding toxicity and disease is essential to building confidence in chemical and drug safety. Effective communication facilitates consensus building among stakeholders – including regulatory agencies, health officials and providers, consumers, and advocates for environmental and animal protection.


To encourage research and development and speed its implementation, the Consortium works to effect policy changes and cultivate direct and indirect funding opportunities that support pathway-based approaches in the U.S. and internationally.

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