Building on our AOPs 101 program, AOPs 201 was created to provide a more in-depth discussion of the OECD’s AOP Knowledge-base software, including the AOP Wiki, AOP Explorer and Effectopedia.  The program also includes weight-of-evidence evaluation of the information supporting the AOP, and an introduction to how AOPs might be used in decision making.

AOPs: Overview of AOP Development and Introduction to Regulatory Use.
Catherine Willett, HTPC

The AOP-Knowledgebase, with demos of the AOP Wiki, Effectopedia, and AOP Explorer.
Steven Edwards, US EPA
Ed Perkins, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center
Hristo Aladjov, OECD

Aromatase inhibition leading to reproductive dysfunction in fish.
Wan-Yun Chan, US EPA

AOP for Sensitisation of the Respiratory Tract: Current status and regulatory applications.
Kristie Sullivan, PCR

AOP Assessment According to OECD Handbook Criteria.
Bette Meek, University of Ottawa

Videos of the presentations are also available here.