The HTPC is actively promoting participation in a systems biology approach to understanding chemical effects on humans and the environment, especially focusing on the “Adverse Outcome Pathway” (AOP) system being developed for toxicology.

For an introduction to AOPs, read our Systems Toxicology page on Pathway-based Toxicology.

Our first two “Pathway” educational programs are designed to engage scientists in the global AOP effort:

AOPs 101 introduces the subject of AOPs, describes how to apply the concept using specific examples, and introduces the international AOP Knowledge-base (AOP KB) being created through the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

AOPs 201 further describes the AOP KB software, how to evaluate the quality of information supporting AOPs, and discusses how AOPs might be used to support decisions.

For even more information about AOPs, see the OECD AOP webpage, and the website of the Society for the Advancement of AOPs.