We are thrilled to announce financial support enabling three promising early career researchers to attend the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) Summer School May 21-24 in Ispra, Italy, a week-long learning opportunity dedicated to non-animal approaches. These researchers have already shown impressive levels of dedication to the replacement of animals in their scientific careers so far and we are delighted to help further their education and training in innovative new technologies that do not rely on animals.

The summer school is a popular annual event for post-graduate researchers and early career researchers active in the fields of biomedical science and toxicology who are interested in learning about the latest advances in non-animal methods and technologies from experts in the field. Activities include debates, interactive sessions, poster presentations, and a visit to the EURL-ECVAM laboratories. The travel awards will help cover flight and accommodation costs for the researchers.

Nathalia Indolfo
São Paulo, Brazil

Nathalia actively developed and implemented non-animal approaches in her post at the Brazilian Biosciences National Laboratory (LNBio), where she was part of a project implementing OECD guidelines for the assessment of eye irritation and eye corrosion potential of chemicals using alternative methods.

Nathalia currently works at Natura, a Brazilian cosmetic company, where she is applying her knowledge and experience in non-animal methods as a product safety analyst.

Guilio Bracialente
Turin, Italy

Guilio is a chemical risk assessor and environmental consultant with extensive experience in assessing the potential risks posed by chemicals to human and environmental health. He has a particular interest in the risks and implications for health and the environment associated with products containing nanomaterials.

Giulio hopes that the summer school will provide him with a better understanding of in vitro and in silico non-animal methods that will be indispensable for his work in the regulatory arena.

Rohit Bhatia
Delhi, India

Rohit is an independent consultant focused on promoting the use of non-animal methods in research and testing. His background lies in chemistry and he has a proven track record of promoting the adoption of non-animal testing methods.

Rohit anticipates that attendance at the summer school will provide an exceptional opportunity to enhance his knowledge and learn from the best practitioners and experts in this area. He hopes that the knowledge and experience gained from the summer school will help achieve his objective of creating awareness and promoting the use of non-animal testing methods.